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Wayne Dalton Garage Door Opener Wireless Keyless Entry System KEP2



During programming the garage door may operate. Keep people and objects clear of the moving door to prevent door damage or possible personal injury.

NEVER let children operate or play with door controls. Keep remote controls away from children. Fatal injury could result should a child become trapped between the door and the floor.

ALWAYS keep moving door in sight and away from people and objects until it is completely closed. To prevent serious injury or death, avoid standing in the open doorway or walking through while door is moving.

  1. With new installations, it is recommended that the keyless entry be programmed before mounting to wall, otherwise proceed to step B.
  2. Unit can be programmed with the garage door in either up or down position.
  3. Press the transmitter program button on the garage door opener to switch the opener to the transmitter learn mode. The idrive and idrive torsion opener will remain in the learn mode for 30 seconds. The DoorMaster opener will remain in the learn mode for 15 seconds. The Quantum / Classic opener will remain in the learn mode for 60 seconds.
  4. Push the ON/RESET button of the keyless entry.     Keypad will light indicating the unit has been activated and is waiting for commands (illumination may be not be visible in sunlight).
  5. Press the desired four digit PIN number, the hold the 0 key until door moves. (example 1-2-3-4-0). Release 0 key. Programming is now complete.

NOTE: If, at any time, an error was made in entering the codes, simply press the ON/RESET button and repeat the above procedures.

Note: One KEP2 Keyless entry can be programmed to open multiple garage door openers. To program fro additional openers, repeat steps A thru E above except input a different four digit PIN number for each additional opener.

How Your Keyless Entry Operates Your Opener:

The following explains how your keyless entry can be used to OPEN, CLOSE, START, and STOP your door.

  1. Activate your keypad by pressing the ON/RESET button; keypad will illuminate.
  2. Enter your 4-digit PIN (personal identification number); door will begin to move.

NOTE: If you inadvertently enter an incorrect code, the door will not move. Reset with the ON/RESET button and re-enter your PIN number.

  1. Unit remains active for next 15 sec. Pressing any key, except the ON/RESET, will

Stop the door if opening, or reverse the door if closing.


            Under normal operating conditions, the battery should be changed once every 12   

             months. Dispose of used batteries properly. To Replace battery perform the.

             following steps.

A.     Raise Keyless entry Cover to expose battery door.

B.     Snap open door with a coin and remove old battery.

C.     Replace battery (12 volt) with positive terminal to right and snap close battery door.

garageopenerparts - Owned by 1st Garage Door Openers, Inc., an independent family owned and operated business serving the Garage Door and Garage Door Opener Industry since 1981.  Providing excellent customer service and assistance for over 25 years. We are a discount reseller of  garage door opener remotes, repair parts, keyless entry and gate operator controls for your home, business, or gated community.   We carry parts for the following garage door openers Lift-Master, Chamberlain, Sears Craftsman, Access Master, Sears Best Craftsman, Sears Automatic Door Opener, Master Mechanic, Security +, Formula 1, Garage Master, Billion Code, LiftMaster Professional, Estate Series, Premium Series, Contractor Series, Power Driver, Whisper Drive, Genie, Alliance, Norelco, Blue-Max, Lift-A-Door, Pro Max, Hercules, Stealth, Excelerator, Intellicode, Genie Pro, OverDrive, Python 2, Signature, Phantom, Legacy, Medallion, CodeDodger, Overhead Door, Genie Shop Vac, Stanley, Vemco, Quiet Glide, SecureCode, Lightmaker, Innovative Products, Whistler, U-Install, Popular Mechanics, Allister, Allstar, Pulsar, MVP, Challenger, GTO, All-O-Matic, Electrolift, Westinghouse, AM/11, Linear, Access Pro, Moore-O-Matic, MegaCode, Delta 3, MultiCode, Heddolf, ESP Micom, Intercontinental Dynamics, Crusader, Wayne Dalton, iDrive, Door Master, Quantum, Classic Drive, Tec Key, Martec, Monarch, Telectron and other garage door openers, and gate operators. Brand names of Garage Door openers are registered trade names of the respective entities and are only used for reference.

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